The Huron County Library’s Object Library is growing, adding not one, not two, but THREE different microscopes to the collection in the spring of 2024 thanks to the efforts one young Huron County man.

As a homeschooled high school student, Sam Robinson noticed a gap that many other homeschoolers faced when compared to their traditionally school peers. While most schools are well stocked with microscopes, many homeschool families do not have access to these learning tools. Additionally, the exorbitant cost of school-quality microscopes also make them fairly unattainable for the average family, with many microscopes costing over $500 each. To help, Sam applied for a United Way Perth-Huron Youth in Action Grant, which he was fortunate enough to receive!

Three microscopes will be added to the Huron County Library collection later this spring, along with a collection of 100 specimen slides, making them accessible to all library patrons. The microscopes include:

  • Digital Desktop Microscope: This microscope is perfect introductory microscope for young people before they segue into the larger Student Full-Sized Microscope. It is compact in size, lightweight, and doesn’t take up a lot of room and has the ability to magnify things up to 4x.
  • Student Full-Sized Microscope: This is the microscope that most people think of when they think of a microscope. While it may seem intimidating to use at first, we have some handy instructions for you to utilize as you explore the microscopic world around you. Best of all, it can magnify things up to 40x.
  • A Portable Pocket Microscope: This easy-to-use microscope is perfect for your next outdoor adventure (perhaps while using one of our Ontario Parks Passes?). Easily magnify items all around you, especially those that are too difficult for you to move, like your couch, your carpet, or the bark of the tree in your backyard. This has the ability to magnify things up to 5x.

The Huron County Library wishes to extend a huge thanks to both Sam and United Way Perth-Huron for making the addition of these microscopes possible. While you wait for the microscopes to be added to our collection, you can join Sam and his mother, Heather, for some upcoming Microscope 101 sessions at a number of Huron County Library branches! The program invites young participants to discover the magic of the unseen with the Microscopes 101 program. Designed for curious minds, this interactive adventure introduces kids to the wonders of microscopy through easy-to-follow lessons and exciting activities, making science fun and accessible for budding young scientists.

Registration is open for the following programs: