Huron County Author Talk Podcast

Illustration of a microphone with a speech bubble that reads Huron County Author Talk

Huron County Author Talk is a podcast for writers, readers, and all those intrigued by the art of the written word.

Join Huron County Library staffer and podcast host Hamilton Baker as he sits down with local authors to discuss all things writing. Presented through roundtable discussions and one-on-one interviews, authors share the process of creating stories, the challenges of marketing and publishing, the struggles and triumphs of being a writer, and more.

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This podcast grew from a group of Huron County authors who meet on a monthly basis to support each other by sharing knowledge, information, experiences, and more. They also share valuable information with aspiring authors to help them on their writing journey. Members of the group have included Judy Keightly, Sandi Plewis, Wendy Million, Rick Hundey, David Yates, Barry Brohman, Randall Lobb, Leonard Mokos, MK Lobb, Hayley Linfield, Tim Cumming, and Don Hayward.


Latest episode

Season Two

Season 2: Episode 1

Roundtable Discussion: Different Takes on Writing & Publishing

Season 2: Episode 3

Roundtable Discussion: Characters & Dialogue

Season 2: Episode 5

Roundtable Discussion: The Good with the Not-so-Good

Season 2: Episode 9

Roundtable Discussion: Writing Process & Flawed Heroes

Season 2: Episode 11

Roundtable Discussion: Kryptonite & Good Writing

Season 2: Episode 6

Roundtable Discussion: Finding Time & Creating Characters

Season 2: Episode 8

Roundtable discussion: Dialogue, Pacing, & Plot

Season One

Episode 1: Publishing

Roundtable discussion with author Wendy Million

Episode 7: Author Interview

One-on-one interview with Judy Keightley

Episode 10: Author Interview

One-on-one interview with MK Lobb

Episode 5: Author Interview

One-on-one interview with David Yates

Episode 8: Historical Fiction

Roundtable discussion on writing historical fiction and editing

Episode 11: Author Interview

One-on-one interview with Hayley Linfield

Episode 3: Author Interview

One-on-one interview with Tim Cumming

Episode 6: Self-Publishing

Roundtable discussion with Sandi Plewis, Tim Cumming and Meryn Lobb

Episode 9: Author Interview

One-on-one discussion with author Sandi Plewis

Episode 12: Author Interview

One-on-one interview with Wendy Million