A fresh new look

The Huron County Library began the process of rebranding in early 2021. The goal was to modernize the overall look of the library to fully reflect the inclusivity, vibrancy and creativity found at all 12 library branches.

The new library logo features a modern design that utilizes a classic book cover shape. A conversation bubble at the heart of the logo illustrates the library as a place for people, ideas and conversations.

The vibrant colour palette used in the logo design features 12 colour blocks that represent each of the library’s branch locations and is utilized as identification system for the branches.


Huron County Library logo that features 12 different colours representing each branch. A white speech bubble is placed on top of the colour blocks with text reading Huron County Library

Alternative logo options

Photo of a library staff member giving a baby their first library card.
Image of a woman and a young boy holding a giant Huron County Library card
Image of a person holding up the new tote bags featuring the new Huron County Library logo on the front.

Baby’s first library card

Share library pride online

Tote your books in style

Image of a computer with the Huron County Library home page on the screen.

The Huron County Library’s website is fresh, vibrant, and informative reflecting the mission, vision and values of the Huron County Library.


Huron County Library is an inclusive and vibrant community hub. It builds community, enriches lives and fosters creativity by providing access to information, skills and ideas.


Huron County Library provides the community with inviting and accessible facilities, engaging virtual spaces, comprehensive collections and user-friendly technology. Welcoming and knowledgeable staff and volunteers provide innovative services and programs that contribute to community vitality.


  • Inclusive and equitable access for all
  • Literacy and lifelong learning
  • Intellectual freedom and protection of privacy
  • Customer services
  • Community focus
  • Collaboration
  • Creativity
  • Accountability, integrity and teamwork
  • Balancing tradition and innovation
  • Embracing a changing world

Building Branch Identity

The Huron County Library’s event calendar provides an example of the branch identification system in use.  The colour identification system, outlined in the style guideline, not only promotes the brand, it provides a practical way for patrons to quickly identify content that is most relevant to their needs.

Image of a poster and event banner promoting Tai Chi in Wingham. Poster features a black and white image of a head and hands in prayer pose. Event banner features an illustration of a lotus flower.
Image of the new Huron County Library van featuring the library's new branding

Book Mobile

The new Huron County Library brand has been creatively applied to the Library’s fleet, furthering brand recognition in the community.

Interior photo of the Blyth Branch with the back wall painted green to match their branch colour.

Branch Identification

Each Huron County Library branch is represented by one of the 12 colours in the brand’s colour pallet.  The branches have begun to incorporate these bold and colourful elements within their locations by painting ‘feature walls’.

Let’s get social

Illustration of birds sitting on text that reads Bird Bingo
Illustration of a watering can with colourful drops of water watering seedlings.
Illustration of a pencil drawing a line with text promoting Saturday Scribblers at Clinton Branch.