In 2024, the Huron County Library will be using the American Library Association’s Libraries Transforming Communities (LTC) method to engage community members in roundtable conversations and street interviews to identify their desires and ambitions for their communities across Huron County.

The Huron County Library continues the second round of LTC information gathering work being undertaken by the library. The first round was interrupted by the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent shutdown, but led to the following substantial outcomes:

  • Welcome to the Neighbourhood: In many Community Conversations, people shared their experience of moving to a new community and the challenges of finding connections. In response, Welcome to the Neighbourhood packages were created through contributions from local organizations and distributed by the Huron County Library branches.
  • Community Calendars and Newsletters: In most Huron County communities, a lack of community event and service information was identified as a barrier to community participation. Several community calendars were created, but lost momentum during the shutdowns.
  • Networked Community Groups: Through the Public Information Sharing meetings, two community groups formed to address community concerns. These groups freely welcome community members, leaders, organizations, and any other interested parties. The Wingham Community Connectors, the Zurich social project, and the Brussels Community Alliance are all community groups that were formed entirely or partially due to the work done with LTC. 

What does LTC information gathering entail?

There are two main ways that we gather information. The first are “ask exercises” which are very short conversations with one or several community members, conducted when convenient. The second are “community conversations” which are longer conversations with a larger group and are scheduled before hand.

In spring 2024, these conversations will focus on the community of Zurich. Conversations will also be happening later in the year focusing on the community of Blyth.