The Huron County Library has been highlighting the hidden gems found across Huron County through our In Your Backyard speaker series and for those who were unable to attend, we will share some of those gems right here on our website! Join us as we travel all directions of the County, this time focusing in on Ontario’s west coast – including Goderich and Bayfield!

FOR THE BEACH BUM: Both Goderich and Bayfield have some of the best beaches around – with both towns sporting three a piece! Both communities are also unique that they both have bluffs, which allow you to catch their gorgeous sunsets not once, but twice! Goderich’s entire beachfront has undergone massive changes over the last few years, including a brand new accessible boardwalk, which runs its entire length. While Bayfield’s Pier Beach is much larger than it has been in recent years, due to lower water levels. 

FOR THE TRAIL TREKKERS: Both Goderich and Bayfield have a number of trails throughout their communities – fan favourites include the Goderich Menesetung Bridge Trail, the Goderich Millennium Trail and the Bayfield River Flats Trail. 

FOR THE INSTAGRAM INFLUENCER: Both communities sport some prime selfie locations. Goderich has the famous butterfly mural (located on the Square), the lighthouse (located on Coburg Street), the Gaol Selfie Station (located at the Huron Historic Gaol), and the sand-surrounded beach trees. Bayfield has its wood carving of Captain Harry (who has stood watch over its downtown for decades). 

FOR THE FOODIE: With Goderich alone being home to 35 different restaurants and Bayfield over a dozen, you will be sure to satisfy any craving you may have – whether it be for Indian, sushi, Italian, all-American, or even refreshing ice cream on a hot day! Best of all, countless restaurants across Ontario’s west coast are home to outdoor patios during the warm weather. 

FOR FANS OF FARMERS MARKETS: Get excited! While both communities have been home to a one-day weekend market, this year both will have TWO days of markets! Goderich will host its farmers market on Saturdays and another market on Sundays, which features artisan and antique vendors. Bayfield hosts its farmers market on Friday evenings and a vendor-based market on Sundays!  

FOR THE ART AFFICIANDO: The two communities are home to over half a dozen art galleries between the two of them – from galleries featuring the works of an independent artist, to other featuring the works of a collective. The newest opened gallery between the two communities is The Gallery House, located on Bayfield’s historic Main Street.  

FOR THOSE WHO LOVE A GREAT COMMUNITY EVENT: Both Goderich and Bayfield are expecting to bring back some of their well-beloved community events this season! Goderich will once again be home to its Children’s Festival, the Celtic Roots Festival, and the West Coast Bluesfest, while Bayfield will be hosting its Rubber Duck Race, the Beer, Wine and Food Festival and a number of musical performances at its Town Hall.