Week three, where to be? Well, at your local library for the Summer Reading Program, of course! Leave your pets at home though, because this week’s stories are for kids only! 

This week we will be venturing into the world of animals and insects, being curious about how they adapt to live in their environments, what they spend all day doing, what and who they eat, and we are even going to make a home for our very own spider friend! The theme this week is: Check this out! Creatures, Critters, and Crawlers! Even though there won’t be actual animals at this meeting, we will be reading plenty of books, making lots of crafts, and playing lots of games that will show us how amazing animals are! We can’t wait to see you at the library this week! 

To learn more, download this week’s critter colouring sheet and check out this week’s animal-packed reading list

Say hi to your pet for us!

Nadine and Maya