Calling all young explorers! Your next adventure starts today! This month’s Passport to Discovery theme is poetry. Poems are everywhere, from the nursery rhymes you sing with your family, to the lyrics of a song you know on the radio, to a jingle from a commercial. 

Let’s get started:

  • Pick up a Take & Make Kit to grow a poem! Write a poem using the first letters of each word on the flower pot. Then decorate the pot with some flowers.
  • Using the page from a discarded book, skim the page, lightly circling the words or phrases you like. Using a black crayon or marker, draw a circle around those words and blackout the rest of the words on the page. Read through your final poem.
  • Write a Spoonerism Scramble. Runny Babbit speaks a topsy-turvy language of his own called spoonerisms, a deliberate play on words in which corresponding letters are switched between two words in a phrase, often with a funny outcome. Imagine if you spoke entirely in spoonerisms—what would you sound like? 
  • Read one of these poetry books from our collection.
  • Download this month’s activity sheet if you prefer to get started from home.

Explorers are welcome to join the program at any time. Here’s how it works:


  • Pick up a passport from your local branch to begin a full year of learning, reading, doing, and having a whole lot of fun!
  • Visit your local branch each month to pick up a themed craft kit and activity sheet.
  • Complete at least one of the activities
  • Return to the branch to get your passport stamped and ballot entered into a grand prize draw that will take place at the end of the program in February, 2024.